Fix Visual Studio 2017 Continiously Prompting for Credentials

By: Nicklas Møller Jepsen

Private Nuget feeds, Multiple Azure DevOps Accounts

I have several Microsoft accounts connected to Visual Studio, including connection to several private Nuget feeds hosted on Azure DevOps. When I connect these accounts and setup the Nuget feeds Visual Studio will start prompting for my credentials everytime I restart VS and build the project. This is quite annoying but luckily there's a fix to this:

  1. Close all Visual Studio instances
  2. Delete the folder and all it's content: %localappdata%\.IdentityService
  3. Start Visual Studio
  4. Build the project, when prompted for credentials, enter them, one last time
  5. Restart Visual Studio, build the project and verify that you don't need to re-enter credentials anymore.